The Weed-Friendly States in America Worth Your Visit

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Want to smoke weed? No problem! We’ll give you the list of some American states that allow the use of recreational marijuana.


Visit the state that first approved medical cannabis! This weed-friendly place will allow you to carry and use up to 1oz. of marijuana even without a prescription. However, recreational marijuana won’t be sold in retail stores until January 2018. Until then, you could ask your friend, who’s a medical marijuana patient, to share with you their marijuana.



You won’t be able to purchase marijuana until 2018 in Maine too, but Mainers can have up to 2.5oz. of marijuana, which is double the limit in most American states! How cool is that! You’re way lucky if you have a comrade in this place.


weed hand marijuana cannabisPeople residing in Oregon are permitted to possess up to an ounce of weed ever since 2015. They can even cultivate up to four cannabis plants at home! Even if you don’t live in Oregon, as long as someone gifted you with marijuana edibles, you can take it freely! Just be sure not to ingest the edibles in public.


Did you know that since 2012, dispensaries in this state have earned more than a billion dollars just for selling nonmedical cannabis? It must be heaven for them! A person in Washington can carry up to one ounce of pot. Growing the plant, however, is a different case. You must first be licensed as a medical marijuana patient before you can cultivate the crop.

Washington, DC











Smoking pot recreationally in the capital of United States has been permitted since 2014 when the residents voted to legalize it. People can carry up to two ounces of marijuana, and they could give one ounce as a gift.


If it’s legal to cultivate cannabis plants in your country, you should visit as soon as possible!


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